Where do match displays at Legia come from? The answer is one: the majority of displays is designed and performed by the fans!
Complicated cardboard schemes, flare shows, fireworks, singing stands are the effect of activity of fans that love Legia, who can disinterestedly devote their time and money just to support their team.

Our activity grows, we create more and more difficult, great and very professional widely understood fan support. Up till now the majority of funds was collected from group members' contributions. We want to be better, set bigger challenges for ourselves, create the ultras power of Legia!

A photo gallery and short description of matches for which we prepared displays may be find below:


  Sezon 2004/05
   13.11.2004 - GKS - Legia
   05.11.2004 - Legia - Polonia
   16.10.2004 - Legia - Groclin
   30.09.2004 - Legia - Austria
   16.09.2004 - Austria - Legia
   29.08.2004 - Legia - Cracovia

  Sezon 2003/04
   01.06.2004 - Legia - Lech
   22.05.2004 - Groclin - Legia
   18.05.2004 - Lech - Legia
   14.05.2004 - Legia - Świt
   08.05.2004 - Legia - Wisła P.
   25.04.2004 - Legia - Górnik Z.
   17.04.2004 - Wisła K. - Legia
   08.04.2004 - Legia - Górnik P.
   03.04.2004 - Lech - Legia
   26.03.2004 - Legia - Polonia
   12.03.2004 - Legia - Odra
   22.11.2003 - Legia - GKS
   07.11.2003 - Widzew- Legia
   29.10.2003 - Legia - Groclin
   26.10.2003 - Świt - Legia
   18.10.2003 - Wisła P. - Legia
   03.10.2003 - Legia - Amica
   26.09.2003 - Górnik Z. - Legia
   19.09.2003 - Legia - Wisła K.
   12.09.2003 - Górnik P. - Legia
   29.08.2003 - Legia - Lech
   24.08.2003 - Polonia - Legia
   16.08.2003 - Legia - Górnik Ł.

  Sezon 2002/03
   31.05.2003 - Legia - Ruch
   21.05.2003 - Legia - Lech
   17.05.2003 - Widzew - Legia
   11.05.2003 - Legia - Wisła P.
   25.04.2003 - Legia - GKS
   12.04.2003 - Legia - KSZO
   09.04.2003 - Wisła K. - Legia
   18.03.2003 - Legia - Groclin
   14.03.2003 - Legia - Amica
   23.11.2002 - Legia - Zagłębie
   29.10.2002 - Legia - Schalke
   25.10.2002 - Legia - Widzew
   07.10.2002 - Legia - Polonia
   22.09.2002 - Legia - Odra
   19.09.2002 - Legia - Utrecht
   01.09.2002 - Legia - Wisła
   28.08.2002 - Legia - Barcelona
   17.08.2002 - Legia - Pogoń
   07.08.2002 - Legia - Vardar

  Sezon 2001/02
   26.05.2002 - Wisła - Legia
   22.05.2002 - Legia - Wisła
   28.04.2002 - Legia - Odra
   12.04.2002 - Amica - Legia
   05.04.2002 - Legia - Polonia
   23.03.2002 - Legia - Ruch Ch.
   15.03.2002 - Legia - Wisła
   18.10.2001 - Legia - Valencia

Legia 1-1 CF Valencia
This match is and will be remembered long by all. This was the first that complicated stadium choreography in Poland, the first cardboard crest in Poland, a superb atmosphere and lots of pyrotechnics. We designed and arranged cardboards (which were sponsored by the club) and bought flares and volcanoes. An excellent show, respected in the whole continent! (our crest was presented continuously on Eurosport)

Legia 1-0 Wisła Kraków
This time we prepared a cardboard flag on three central sectors of "Żyleta". Additionally, we prepared a splendid flare show and smoke bombs on "Żyleta"... We also utilized volcanoes in a "modest" quantity of 400. A part of display was organized on "Kryta".

Legia 3-0 Polonia Warszawa
The Warsaw derby had their announcement during Wednesday night, when we carried over another poster action. Direct preparations for the match included cardboard choreography project and purchase of necessary pyrotechnics. The cardboards came out great: the Polonia fans saw a city panorama with "Syrenka", who had an "L" on her shield. This was accompanied by pyrotechnic effects: volcanoes and launchers.

The flare inscription! - photo: Woytek Legia LIVE! Legia 3-0 Wisła
Crows... smoke bombs... stroboscopes... and flares... What about flares? Or perhaps what of flares? LEGIA! This wasn't ever seen in our part of Europe! A huge inscription with the name of our Beloved Club made of flares appeared on "Żyleta" that evening, astonishing whole Poland!!! The one who was there knows... who wasn't, let him regret it.

Barcelona match flares - photo: Woytek Legia LIVE! Legia 0-1 Barcelona
There was to be cardboards on this match, however the weather conditions denied them. In the 2nd half we distributed and fired 90 flares on "Żyleta". Nobody was able to see anything for a few minutes because of them... None of the pyrotechnics finished on the lawn! 110 flares were lighted during this match overall.

Deyna cardboard effigy! - photo: Woytek Legia LIVE! Legia 3-2 Wisła
The cardboard choreography project for this match was the subject of discussions a long way before the game. The 1st of September is not just the war outbreak date for Legia fans. This is also the next anniversary of Kazimierz Deyna death. Thus we decided to prepare a display devoted to the capital city idol. During a minute of silence fans at "Żyleta" lifted cardboards composed an effigy of "Kaka" with his birth and death dates. In the 2nd half we lighted over 160 flares and detonated a few smoke bombs.

Cardboard choreography combined with flares! - photo: MaxyM Legia LIVE! Legia 2-0 Widzew
Already before the start of the season the match versus Widzew was selected as the number 1 match of this round. We were to prepare something special for the 25th of October... and we did. We arranged cardboards which created a "WITAMY W PIEKLE" (WELCOME TO HELL) inscription after they were lifted by the fans on the open stand. The character presented on the cardboards had flares lighted in both of his eyes and then 30 flares were lighted on the top of "Żyleta"... excellent combination. When the fans were about to finish their song and threw the cardboards into the sky we detonated over 20 tubes from the lawn! The next event was stroboscopes, which were laid down in the quantity of 400 on the whole "Żyleta": a superb effect. In the 2nd half we took out our sector flags and lighted a dozen or so crows... Then the Widzew hooligans interrupted the match and we had a few more events planned for that evening (balloons, 100 small and big volcanoes and over 60 flares!).

The Balloon choreography Legia 4-3 Amica
The spring round opening introduced a first-time that complicated balloon display. It featured an "L" in a circle surrounded by radial stripes. Several dozen flares were lighted accompanied by sector flags.

Three cardboard hearts and three goals from the players... Legia 3-0 GKS
The players entering the lawn were welcomed with three hearts in Legia colors surrounded by black ballons. In the first half a sector flag was spread. Just before the 2nd half kickoff fans lighted a dozen or so crows assisted by smoke bombs. A dozen minutes later "Żyleta" was on fire thanks to several dozens flares lighted in a row. The hit of the evening were, however, the roman fires, which delivered red and green sparks "wheezing" over the stand for a few minutes. The Legia fans were the first in Poland to present this kind of pyrotechnics.

The match vs Lech was to be a hit... and it was! Legia 2-0 Lech
At the beggining of the biggest ultras show in Poland ever a double sided cardboard choreography was presented. The first side featured a razor blade. After turning the cardboards "Żyleta" changed into huge eyes! The cardboard show was accompanied by a dozen flares lighted on the top of the stadium. In the meantime smoke bombs in Legia colors were detonated on the covered stand. In the first half three sector flags appeared over the heads of fans sitting at "Żyleta". The covered stand in flames The fans also lighted 100 volcanoes in the same part of the match. The players returning for the 2nd half were welcomed with over 100 flares lighted on both "Żyleta" and the covered stands. And the curve shrouded in red-white-green smoke a few crows emerged. The 2nd half also featured a crest of flares and as many as 2200 roman fires. The latter caused the sky over "Żyleta" being colored for 10 minutes! In the meantime 500 small flags, a dozen flags on sticks and several dozens banners appeared on the open stand. Moreover red and green balloons were distributed on side sectors. This great show ended with 20 stroboscopes lighted at the bottom of "Żyleta".

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